DACE Mission

The Mission of Davis Adult and Community Education is to ignite a love of learning and empower students to fulfill their personal goals by:

Providing an environment in which each student can increase their knowledge, skills, and well-being

Implementing systems and programs that enable students to thrive and make positive contributions to their community and

Emphasizing Schoolwide Learning Outcomes that enhance student’s college and career readiness 

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate…..
Self-Awareness of strengths and areas for growth and pursue learning opportunities to capitalize on Strengths and fill in gaps in learning or skill.
Social and Diversity Awareness and Empathy for cultural differences and the ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people.
Resilience and a willingness to take risks by embracing failure and mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve.
Communication skills in multiple modalities including in formal writing, informal writing, digital forums, and in oral communication.
Adaptability to changing conditions and requirements. 
Collaboration in both virtual and in-person environments to solve problems, utilize resources, and complete tasks.
Digital Literacy that includes both existing and emerging technologies, software and hardware.  
An Entrepreneurial and Analysis/Solution Mindset that includes data-gathering and logical reasoning and utilizing networking opportunities.